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Today i want to talk about Kairosoft. but don’t worry it’s nothing bad. this is just for those of you who aren’t into phone gaming. Or don’t know what are the best game to buy on your iphone or android. So let me give everyone a recommendation. Kairosoft!

I’ve actually been playing Kairosoft games for a long while now, but I’ve noticed that recently they’ve been developing new games much more quicker than they used to. I remember when all you had was maybe three of their games on the market, then a new one came out in japanease and you had to wait over a month before you saw a translated version, sometimes longer. Now I’m fairly sure they’re bringing out new games maybe every 40 days, and getting them translated in perhaps a week. Which is unfair! why you bring these games out so fast Kairosoft! I’m still playing your last one still!

Now I must say not every Kairosoft game is an instant win. I mean Game Dev story is one of my favorites, but it’s easily the most simplest of the kairosoft games I have on my android phone. I’ve been playing cafe Nippon lately, which is the first game to break Kairosofts habit of naming something “____ story” but is also easily my new favorite since Game Dev story. Not that the other ones were bad. they just didn’t hold my interest that much. 

But really they’re all good, and they’re all pretty much the same thing. Kairosoft does tend to mix up the formula enough with each game to hold my interest. Enough to keep buying their games when a new one comes out, because they each have different gimmicks, though similar aims. which is to have the best… well whatever it is your playing. best game, best cafe, best foot ball team, best hot spring, best shopping mall, best… whatever. 

they’re bright and simple games. and they’re an easy time sinker. I’d recommend the company to anyone who is not sure what games to buy for their new techo toy.