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Fayre Times Festival 20th-21st September @Royal Gunpowder Mills

Greetings all!

I am very happy to announce that Fayre Times Festival will be returning this year at the Royal Gunpowder Mills on the 20th and 21st of September.

It is our intention to establish an annual festival which celebrates the history, pageantry and cultural heritage of the United Kingdom. We aim to achieve this by show-casing a variety of hobbies, interests and lifestyles which embrace the United Kingdom’s historical, mythological and fictional past.

We intend to provide an environment where members of the public can experience first-hand the following:

Live action role-play;
Table top role-playing;
War gaming;
Paint balling;
Laser tag;
Air soft;
European martial arts.

We will also be providing a location for traders from each of these disciplines to come and sell their goods to both members of their hobby and members of the public who are interested in getting involved.

We will be inviting existing groups to run stalls or exhibitions where they can advertise their groups and increase their membership as well as entertain the public. The idea is that we will also involve groups who promote the study of all things historical and mythological as well as new age groups whose area of expertise overlaps those above.

To buy tickets to our event please visit the website at
More information can be found there, or on our Facebook or Twitter feeds:
Check out our video from last years event:

Tickets are £9.50 for adults (16+); £7.50 for Children 5-15 (under 5s free); 8.50 OAPs/Students/Disabled/carer
Families of 2 adults and 2 children: £30.60
Families of 2 adults and 3 children: £37.35
Families of 1 adult and 2 children: £22.05
Families of 1 adult and 3 children: £28.80

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Been playing Blackguard, an up and coming in development game, currently available on steam on early access.

I don’t usually get on with the sort of strategy game that Blackguard is. Hexagons and all that. I’d tried it before with a game which was more strategy then story but Blackguard is heavily story based game. Because of the story I found myself getting into it a lot more then I probably would have done otherwise. With the game being very challenging at times. I’ve played a good eight hours of it and have only just completed the first chapter. I believe there is currently four chapters in total with more on the way.

The story is that of criminals, going about saving the world. Though they’re really not much of criminals. Two of your companions you’re not sure why they were jail. One possibly because he slept with the wrong woman and the other because he’s insane and believes there’s a giant conspiracy lead by dragons. I’d managed to get a 4th party member, who was a drug addicted half elf. I see the running theme here, but they’re all good people and not really the grungey dark storyline I was expected from the brief of the game.

But so far lack of dark gritty story forgiven I am enjoying it. The main character is trying to be mysterious, or be a terrible storyteller, who knows. The battles are engaging. I quite like my colourful companions, and you sort of have to do all the side quests because you need all the exspierence you can get.

I’m not sure I’ve got the hang of leveling my characters. I think I put all my points in the wrong places. My two mages end up being more hunters, staying back and shooting bows when their magic runs out, while my poor dwarf gets swamped by every singel mook on the field. It’s usually a sound strategy. But the game mixes it up enough to make it that you can’t employ it all the time. Such as in one side quest you have to rescue a baroness in five rounds or she dies. It’s incredibly hard to get someone past all the mooks and into position to rescue her in time. And admittedly you don’t have to rescue her in time, you can let her die. But I was determined to rescue the woman. And careful strategy and planning got me past the mooks and her out of the hang mans noose.

Later you are battling lizards which have healing orbs, and unfortunately you’re not doing enough damage to hurt them unless you concentrait on one every turn. So one match of this involved me also killing my entire team so my fighter could destroy the healing orb, distract the lizards, and I had to hope my mages didn’t miss too much because they were out of mana, with only enough for healing.

As it goes I enjoy the combat, the story is all right, and engaging enough to keep you interested. The voice acting is pretty good. It can sometimes be frustrating and feel too hard, but sometimes you need a good challenge right?

Seaxe magazine is now available to buy or subscribe in our store. It’s pretty much £5 a magazine online due to P+P. We’ve been putting magazines into envelopes and sending them out all today. It’s very exciting!

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List of LARP’s in the UK

I will do everyone a great service and list all the LARP’s I have so far found.  Some people might find it useufl :)

Ornithocracy LARP

Quest LARP

Scourging Force LARP



The Dark Door


Pioneers LARP

Three Kingdoms LARP

Stargate LRP

Parhelion LARP

Masquerades and Massacres

Rockets, Rayguns & Really Nice Tea

Insurrection LRP

Carum LRP

Dark Sun LARP

Majestic Oak LRP

Ascendancy LARP

No Rest for the Wicked

The Fall of Vusoria

Animatium LRP

Fools and Heroes

Currious Pasttimes

Lorien Trust

Skullduggery LARP

Legion of Dreams


Forest Argent Enactment & LARP





Treasure Trap


big damn heroes


Zombie Larp

Heart of Pargon LARP


Dragon Lore LARP

World of Darkness

Warwick LARP society

Serenity LARP


Wildlands LARP

pathfinder LARP

slender LARP

White city

York SF+F


Fear of the dark

Victorian LARP



Kent by night


Irregular productions

Dark Tempus

Dumnonni chronicles

Vault 57


If you know any others that arn’t on the list, please share :)

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HMS…. time to pack o.O

Empire last weekend, HMS this weekend. HMS being one of the local systems I attend. And local I mean in anouther county. but good friend good company and a good system. So no time to do anything! I have to go up to London for work this afternoon, and we need to be on site early on friday because my boyfriend has been promoted to ref and needs to be at the morning ref meetings. So I must get everything sorted today and tommorrow! So here’s a list for myself so I don’t forget anything!




silly frilly shirt

try not to forget new cloak

frilly black coat, extra warmths!

white gloves (get them washed from last time, doh!)

elf ears (where did I put those…?)

Pop down town and get new ‘spell book’

and sleeping bag

find tent (probably should look today… where did I put that?)

character sheet!

scabbard (idk where it fell off…)

clean out car….

clean boots! (Juniper would never be seen in such muddy boots!)

Humm… I don’t think I need anything else… need to pack light, transferring two other people after all. In my lil Yaris! What fun!

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As some might know if you’re part of the uk Larp Scene a new fest LARP had its first event last weekend, and I went. I won’t say much, as I wouldn’t want to land myself in trouble later, but let me say it was my first fest system and I have mixed feelings. I enjoyed the epic battle, I loved the tent town with the Ic areas. I thought they really should have had a larger IC area though. Me and my crew couldn’t set up in the IC area because there was no room and we felt very left out from the main events. It’s hard to try and be a hall when your stuck out by the ‘wagons’, not wanting to leave because it’s too friggen cold. For anyone interested who went to the event, it was I who started trying to create the order of healers in the mages conclave. I have no idea if anything went with that. because I couldn’t be assed to leave my camp monday morning. It was a freaking freezing weekend, the walk was too long and we had many tents to get down so we could go home and be warm. But if you know, send me a message, I am curious if anything became of my attempt to create that. I paid good mana to ensure that it would get mentioned to the other grand masters! but yes… had to really try hard to get involved at Empire, which I found hard. I find it difficult to get into small LARP crowds because i’m shy, and doing it on a massive scale… well I am impressed at how determined I got to try and make my new order. makes me almost want to go back to see it pay off… Almost. Maybe in better weather… and maybe at an event that doesn’t clash with anything else.

But yes… um… wont say much more. there was many dissapointing things about Empire, which I can only hope doesn’t repeat itself next event for them. Or it would be more than embarrising.

send me your larps

anouther call for  UK LARPs! big or small, if you run it, your friend runs it, or if it’s this really awesome one you goto. I have a current list of 63 LARPS, there must be more in this country. Why do I want all these LARPs…? Well, you’ll find out by june ;)

Like and share, help me find the LARP’s!

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Tell me about your LARP

I need to find LARP groups in the UK. If you run a LARP, goto a LARP please send me a link. I want to know about it. It’s for work.

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Magic the Gathering

These last few months I have been suffering from a terrible addiction. And that addiction would be magic the gathering. I blaim my friends who first bought some random magic cards from their local game shop, and started up my boyfriends old addiction of the game, and now I too am suffering from it.

Now I find myself surfing the net looking for good card combinations as well as cards which could improve my current prize decks. Fortunetly I feel I have probably made my ultimet deck with the arrivel of Gatecrasher, as my new deck is pretty much 80% gatecrash cards. And what a monster of a deck it is. My first made by me deck was an artifact deck, it was terrible and my boyfriend improved it into being quite playable. My second was born from buying a deck builder boxset and having too many angels from it. I made a fairly competent angel deck, and over decemeber and january I improved it, making it a slow but dangerous deck. But this deck, it is big and it is dangerous. Check it out:

Though that isn’t the finished deck. It started out with 60 cards, went up to 66 as it is currently and I’m going to make it larger with 80 cards. Yes an unweildy 80 card deck. But what do i get for those extra cards? Why 4 evolution vats and 4 gyre sages. with an addition 6 lands so that the mana isn’t imbalanced. Not sure why I worry about that seeing the sages will provide all the mana I could ever want or need. In theory this deck should iniliate all, even on a poor draw where I don’t get any biomancer or ivy or ooze flux, the three golden cards of the deck.The deck was the basic simic realsed deck, but now it’s this beautiful thing of destruction with the potensity to create monsters of utterly ridiculous sizes.

I’m already squirming with excitement for the next exspantion for any simic cards which could possibly make my deck even more deadly. But then I would have to start taking cards out of course… but it might be worth it…

URGH this dman addiction. I’m not sure I could possibily out do myself with this deck. It’ll probably be my most powerful deck. I know it has elements that other players probably wouldn’t like. such as a lack of spells which might save your monsters from doom for a round. but this deck isn’t about saving monsters. It’s about making the biggest damn creatures you’ve ever seen. With the inclusion of the evolution vats this deck could potentially get more silly than it already is! Yes~ I’m so proud of it. And I just had to share ^^

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DoTA2 keys

I have a bunch of DoTA2 keys sitting in my steam inbox… I don’t really want them to be lying around when they could be giving someone some joy. If you’d like a DoTA2 key just message me your e-mail or steam ID and I’ll send you one. If I run out of keys then people will just have to wait until steam sends more. they send more all the time. =3=

please don’t respond to this message with your details. unless you like making unexpected new friends from unknown places. :P