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Elder Scrolls Online (MMORPG) News.


Hey there! Miroku276 here to notify you guys with some news in case you haven’t heard. Apparently Bethesda is creating an Elder Scrolls MMORPG. Not sure how I feel about it until I see some game play or at least some cinematic but it could be a cool idea if done right. Drop a comment or a suggestion to let us know what you all think! Keep Gaming!

Check out the trailer here from Machinima on Youtube.

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Skyrim: PC Vrs Xbox

So I pulled out my version of Skyrim for the Xbox today, my dwarves could wait for this afternoon, for today I would be Dovakin Dragonborn! Lag free~

You wouldn’t think playing the same game on different platforms would make that much of a difference. It does, especially if you’re not really controller savvy. The first thing that I noticed as my character awoken on the wagon and looked around in a haze was how much faster it was, my characters head zoomed back and forth. Now when I started Skyrim for the first time on my Pc my characters head lagged about, looking back and forth very much like someone would if they’d been bludgeoned on the back of the head. The dopey head wiggels as my mouse tried to focus on the stormcloak and then Ulfric, and my confusion to whether this was meant to be part of the game with the very heavy handed controls. Of course it wasn’t meant to be, but I do think you get a different level of sensitivity with a mouse. For my PC I had to put the sensivity up so it wouldn’t be so lag happy, for my xbox I quickly put it down so it would be much more heavier and weighted movements. The fast zoomy movements of the controller wasn’t realistic enough for me I guess, where my lagged out computer was.

Other changes are of course graphics. The graphics really arn’t that much different… I guess my computer must be a right trooper, or skyrim is just gorgeous even on the lowest graphical setting. Of course the xbox did grant the dragons actual detail then plasticy smoothness my pc always gave them. Plus I got to see that thief in the begging actually die instead of fade out of view as the arrows chased him, leading em to ponder on my first play through whether or not he’d escaped. 

but where it kind of fell down to me was controls. I hate having left and right trigger as weapon buttons. especially for a sword, it feels very unnatural. I keep jamming X, which of course only sheaths and unsheathes my weapon multiple times before I remember that I need right trigger to hit things. But I’m more likely to use the left trigger then I ever did the right mouse button. Jump being Y instead of A also annoys me. because jump is always space on the keyboard, and thus my thumb always instinctively goes down rather than up to jump. I know I can change the buttons, but I doubt there is much I can do to the button settings to make it better, definetly now I’m starting to get used to them.

Really this isn’t much of a VRs’s. Just me saying my Pc sucks too much for it run it and I still would rather play skyrim on it. Xbox skyrim is pretty, but if my computer wasn’t so lag happy about the game, I really wouldn’t bother with the xbox version. Plus I could mod it on PC =3= 

Looking beyond the faults

As a gamer I am incredibly patient. I sort of have to be. After all I only got an xbox this Christmas, so before then I had to put up with my PC and laptop for any game I wanted to play. Now my computer has 1 GB of ram, it has a Radeon X1300/X1550 graphics card. My laptop has 2GB of ram, and a slightly better graphics card. Anything that doesn’t work on my computer generally runs on my laptop. Now I can get a lot to run on my computer, for instance Skyrim and Oblivion both run on my computer, along with Mass effect and Assassins Creed, though all four suffer with severe lag. Now depending on how good a game is I will play it regardless of lag. I played Dragon Age origins on my laptop with the colors flickering red, green, blue and yellow and unable to see what I was actually doing 60% of the time, simply because I was blown away by the game. I suffered through 60% of the game like that, before finding out it ran a lot better on my computer without the migraine inducing colour flickers.

I played Skyrim for 20 hours with severe lag, and we’re talking about very severe. (keeping in mind you need 2GB of ram to play skyrim in the first place and I was managing to play it on my pc) have you ever killed a dragon while your frame rate is about 3? and if your lucky your frame rate will be about 30 for most of the game, unless you have to fight something. Using a bow and arrow in skyrim for me was impossible. I couldn’t aim with it because of the lag. But for the most part I could get away with it because I can hack and slash things to death, and you don’t need to aim for that. 

Now there are other games I did give up on due to lag, such as mass effect, which lets face it, is sort of unplayable with extream lag, but I did make it through about five missions before giving up. And Assassins creed I stop because it lagged via lip sync rather than game lag, which probably annoyed me more than it should have. Prototype was anouther game which had cinimatic lag, rather than game lag, and I played it because I loved running and jumping around the city. But the game to me was unplayable because I didn’t know what the hell was going on in the story because the cinematic and the sound was messed up. 

so these days I spend my time rebuying games I already own for the xbox. except for dragon age of course. xD Though I’ll probably get dragon age 2 for the xbox once I finally managed to complete the first one. Today I re bought skyrim. I felt a little bad, because I do love how far i’ve come on my pc. As slow and laggy and borderline unplayable as it is, I have grown fund of the character. But I want to do so much in skyrim and my pc limits me from doing that, this is why I have re bought it. Of course once I finally get a better Pc you can bet I’ll be going PC all the way again. consoles are nice, but they’re not as nice as pc gaming. :P