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I’m still playing Pandoras Tower. Cause graphics don’t matter! No matter how fuzzy, unclear, dark or frustrating they make the game. o.< I shall complete it!!!

That and I bought this game on the promise of its story. A girl slowly turning into a monster, and her sweet heart has to butcher 13 monsters and watch her eat its raw flesh. Sign me up please! And so far, as the story goes, it’s pretty good. Slow start, but it’s building up intriege. I actually find myself reading the notes I find in the tower, and the notes that get translated. Because I do want to know what happens next, and I do feel curious about this world. even though in the game you don’t see the world much outside the tower. which is a shame, because it definetly looks nicer than the tower from the cut scenes. all those beautifully rendered cut scenes. 

I like to be kept guessing in games. Being a creative writing student I have the terrible habit of being able to guess whats going to happen in a story. To the point a lot of t.v shows and films are boring to me because I can guess whats going to happen, and almost get the lines right before they’re even said. Games are nice in that you can’t generally predict whats going to happen all the time. 

Pandoras tower seems like a simple enough story, but the more I play the more I wonder if the two love birds will get their happy ending. Perhaps it’s the old woman in the game, she doesn’t rub well with me. she looks like an old hag. By sterotypes she should be double crossing them, tricking the boy into powering up the mystical magical chain she gave him, while also deepening the curse on his lover by feeding her flesh. But by happy ending stereotypes, he should succeed and they get their happy ever after. Right?

I’m not so sure. I’m fairly sure in the back of the art book (for those of you who got the special addition like me ;) ) there is a little spoiler of what is to come. I went looking so I could spot the next weak point for the next boss. (it’s not noticeable. boo ;3;) But look at the back of the book, and then go look at the picture of Elena. Whats going to come? Ho-ho-ho~?

Though to be honest, it’s pretty easy to guess that’s going to happen by the fifth level. The notes hint at it, the dialogue hints at it. Now to just wait for the 13th tower baby!  

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… Also about the ending

… also apparently Mass Effect 3’s endings are just copies of Deus Ex (the origernal)  engings. So if you’ve completed Deus Ex you’ll know the endings. cause it’s almost word for word. apparently. Talk about Laaaaaaaaaaaaaazy bioware. Or maybe they thought they were origernal? Pfft, yeah right. whats the chances that no one at bioware has never played Deus Ex? 

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