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Visually challenged

I know I had a little bit of a rant about someone being a dick about a games graphics. But you know what, I’m going to have a little talk about graphics too. Or more rather, visuals. 

Now can you tell me whats the difference between these two images?


They’re different games, yes right. Same console, the wii. They’re both trying to look pretty, but only one is succeeding in looking pretty.

I was playing Pandoras tower yesterday. Needless to say I wasn’t that impressed. It started out alright, the intro a little confusing, the dialogue a little sloppy. But I can forgive a japanease game for that. Then we got to the game play. I found myself in a camera controlled, visually fuzzy dungeon. Now it is possible that perhaps my t.v is set up wrong, or maybe my wii is set up wrong. But to me the game looked stretched. Which is possible, my T.V screen is 51 inches wide. The text boxes on the game was huge, and the menu wasn’t the clearest. The colours in the game were dark, and easily washed out the main character who wears white.

Let’s play a fun game called, spot the main character!

Did you have fun trying to spot him? Now imagine an entire game where you character is washed into the fuzziness of the scenery. And look at it, it is fuzzy. that’s not my T.V screen, that’s someone elses, that is how the game actually looks, not some save fuzz from image rendering. I can only presume I’m not the only person with the problem, if random screenshots online suffer from the same visual fuzz.

I for one found it annoying. The game was trying to look nice without actually succeeding to look nice, simply because everything was too dark and too fuzzy. Xenoblade chronicles never had this problem, it was bright colorful and visually stunning. Pandora’s tower doesn’t even have the giant open spaces, or the free moving camera. The designers didn’t even have to design ceilings, or 1/4 of the walls in rooms. How can it be so unpretty when the makers have clealy intended it to look pretty?

Not to mention Pandoras tower is a platformer game. With fixed cameras, dark colours, a character which is hard to see, and things on screen which are equally hard to see because of their poor choice in textures and colours. 

there’s a difference about harping on how a game is ruined because it could have been graphically better on an xbox, and saying a game is bad because whoever did the visuals for it did a shit job, and the visuals actually ruin the games exspierence. Because I will not accept “blah blah it’s on the wii blah” as an exscuse. because BAM!

This was on the wii, and as far as I’m concerned, it is one of the prettiest games I’ve played.